E.H. Stoddard Letter 6-1927

Columbus O. 6_1927
Mrs. Jennie Webber
Nemo S.D.

My dear Cousin,

I received your good letter of May 10, forwarded from our Appleton office to the Jefferson hotel at Richmond Virginia where I was attending a national convention of Paper Makers.

I had my daughter with me and she traveled with me 16 days. I have been busy and this is the first opportunity that I have had to write you.

I well remember when your father mother Sadie Alice Eph and Abe stopped on their way to Nebraska and visited us at Appleton. That was the summer of 1872. I was a little older than Eph and Abe but younger than Alice. There were younger children but I remember little about them and several more arrived after they got to Nebr.

I am a traveling man and have been for 20 years, before that I was a paper maker. I travel out of Appleton Wis but make my home in Fond Du Lac with my daughter. I lost my good wife seven years ago. My home address is 299 E Second St.-My business address is on the enclosed card, either one will get me anytime.
About your ancestry on your fathers side, he was my mothers brother. His father our grandfather was Ephraim Hiram Squire he was born in Connicttcut in 1776. His wife our grandmother was Sarah Wilcox born also in conn in 1778, her father (Wilcox) was a Sotchman but born in New England his parents were from Scotland.

Grandfather Squire's Grandfather was a Welchman by the name of Davies he came to the Colonies in 1755 and when the War of Independence came on joined Washington's army. Wilcox also was a Revoluttionary Soldier under Washington.

That makes you eligable by right of birth to membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution. Your grandfather Squire was in the War of 1812-1814, and your father in the civil war.

Will be glad to hear from you again at anytime and answer any questions that I can.

There are no paper mills in your State so I don't travel in either of the Dokatas.
Your Cousin
E.H. Stoddard

Transcribed by Mary E. Wilkerson
e-mail wilk@netnitco.net
From a letter sent by Scott Jacob


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